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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A successful liar today must remember the lies of the past!

Does it not now seem that truth has become the new hate speech? H/T BNI

First published in the Victoria Advocate where I am now banned for simply telling the truth!

By KennethSchustereit in KennethSchustereit The Old Bolillo!
February 20, 2010

As 49 of the 50 states report snow and in some cases more snow that they've had in over 150 years, the EPA is stubbornly sticking to the lie that we have global warming! They told us in the 70s and 80s that chlorofluorocarbons were eating away the ozone and now when carbon dioxide is supposedly plugging up that (mythical) hole we must stop that too! Chlorofluorocarbons (freon) were never the problem. DuPont's patent ran out on it and they needed another cash cow and gave huge amounts of money to the silly enviro-nuts to campaign to have it banned. Some of the senior nutcases in that movement work at the EPA today. It was a scam! Carbon dioxide is a necessary and beneficial gas that is needed for healthy plantlife! It is not a greenhouse gas and if they just walk outside, supposing the door is not piled with snow, they'd see there is no global warming! Research parameters and protocols for this theory have been proven to be compromised and in many cases fraudulantly concocted! However, what I most want to point out is that despite the fact that this president is sold on promoting this scam, the scam has been developing through the administrations of both parties! What we are in need of is a president who'll shake up that agency and fire every government employee that believes in this scheme! The overall theme of the EPA, in general, seems to be almost Galton-like Malthusian in it's premise; let the people die off and save the planet! Eugenics at it's finest! This idea has creeped into the Department of Agriculture to such an extent that this country, for the first time in modern history, became a net food importer! Did we not learn from importing oil? As we march headlong towards famine in this country, food shortages are already occuring. We have huge oil reserves here that are untapped while we pay through the nose for imported oil! We have not built a new gasoline refinery in 30 years and our fuel transport system is aging, leaving this country vulnerable to terrorist attack. At some point we need to wake up! Will we before a crisis? No! It's coming!

Suppressed EPA scientist breaks silence, speaks on Fox News By: Mark Tapscott Editorial Page Editor 06/30/09 12:10 PM EDT

"Alan Carlin, the senior EPA research analyst who authored a study critical of global warming that was suppressed by agency officials, has broken his silence and spoken on Fox News about his situation. Carlin told "Fox & Friends" Steve Ducy and Gretchen Carlson that his most important conclusion in the study was that the U.S. should not rely upon recommendations of the UN in making policy decisions regarding global warming.

"The most important conclusion, in my view, was that EPA needed to look at the science behind global warming and not depend upon reports issued by the United Nations, which is what they were thinking of doing and in fact have done," Carlin said.

Asked what happened to his study once it was completed, Carlin said "my supervisors decided not to forward it to the group within EPA who had the responsibility for preparing an overall report which would guide EPA on whether to find that the emission of global warming gases would be something that EPA should regulate."

Carlin has been at EPA for 38 years and until the Fox interview was telling reporters seeking interviews that he was instructed by EPA officials not to speak with them. He almost certainly risks retalitation by EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and other Obama appointees within the agency.

There are federal laws designed to protect whistle blowers like Carlin from political retaliation. It will be fascinating to watch how an administration of the Left deals with a whistleblower who for whatever reason opposes their political agenda. Will they persecute him or protect him?

I've had occasion to deal with quite a few whistle blowers over the years and they generally fall into two categories: First are the sincere employees who see something they believe to be wrong, are rejected when they go through channels seeking change, and are then subjected to reprisals, big and small, which ultimately exact an incredibly high emotional, professional and financial toll. It is not uncommon for these folks to become obsessed with seeking vindication, to suffer nervous breakdowns or end up divorced.

Then there are the others who somehow manage to maintain an emotional and professional balance while maintaining the rightness of their cause and pursuing it to a conclusion. It often takes years, but eventually they sometimes win vindication, though by that time the original controversy is usually long past and the wrong they exposed has either been forgotten, papered over or, occasionally, addressed and remedied.

A great example of this second kind of whistle blower is William Clinkscales, a man I greatly admire who exposed hundreds of millions of dollars of waste and fraud at the General Services Administration (GSA) during the Carter years, and was put through hell as his reward. He was vindicated by President Reagan who honored his service and recognized the importance of what he had done.

Bill once told me of his being reassigned to a do-nothing job as his boss in effect saying to him: "Now Bill, in this extremely important new job I am giving you, your task is to watch that flagpole out in front of the GSA headquarters and if it moves, you come tell me immediately." I still chuckle when I think of Bill telling me that, but it was indicative of the lot that too often greets whistle blowers like Alan Carlin.

Carlin told Fox that "things are a little tense, but as of last night, I still had a job." Sounds like he is expecting the worst.

My prediction in this case is that Carlin will be stripped of duties, given an office that was previously used as a broom closet and transferred to a duty location as far from EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C. as possible. Or he will soon opt for retirement, which will then free him to write and speak as he pleases, secure in his receipt of a pension from the federal government's old Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) broke the story about Carlin's study being suppressed last week and has posted extensive information about the situation. It appears the story has generated so much interest that CEI's web site is overwhelmed with traffic, as it is taking a loooonnnnnggggg time to load.

UPDATE: CEI demands EPA hear public comments on suppressed study

The good folks at CEI have issued astatement today demanding that EPA reopen the comment period on the proposed rule on the agency's plans to regulate global warming emissions - CO2, the same thing every human being breathes out during the normal course of living - and to which the Carlin study was addressed."

"Suppressed study?" Anyone remember when a politician from the UK came to give testimony before Congress to refute global warming and got dis-invited because congress was supposed to hear from Al "the walking apostle" Gore that day? Suppression? Anyone remember Philem McClaren having his mic cut because he tried to question his most high enviro-holiness Mr. Gore?

At the EPA, the truth must be suppressed even as they shiver from the cold! Fire the whole bunch!

Yup, it seems if you have actually taken the trouble to seek out and diligently know the truth of the matter about a given subject or circumstance, you'd better just keep it to yourself if it doesn't agree with the politically correct, educated elite of this country! Like McClaren, they will shut you up if they can!

These self important, cowardly, insufferable snobs will do anything to hide the light of truth as they skulk around their editorial board rooms and slander better men than themselves!

Bent on the destruction of America!

Who? Who! Who is bent on the destruction of America?

Well, we know the children of Islam want the destruction of America!

We know the mainstream news media want this country's capitalist economy replaced with a socialist utopia!

We know from their writings and rantings that the vast majority of academics in higher education want a Cloward/Piven type breakdown and replacement of capitalism!

However, I was speaking of our Muslim-in-Chief, Sheik Barak Hussein Obama!

Oh and his entire administration!

This week, despite the serious and deadly danger along the border, we have seen border patrol agents told to use non-deadly bean bag projectiles that cost a border patrolman his life!

After that supervisor was fired he should be horsewhipped!

We have seen the Department of Homeland Security, an oxy-moron under this president, fail to implement measures to stop illegal immigrants driver's licenses!

Anything to put Americans at greater risk!

I find it interesting that the "democratic revolutions" in the Arab world have all happened in countries usually friendly to the United States! Now one can only wonder how soon radical Islamists will usurp those revolutions?

I also find it interesting at how this administration has provided aid and comfort to the Muslim Brotherhood in their efforts to replace secular dictoators with religious ones!

All around the world Christians are coming under more intense attack and this administration, and the last one for that matter, has remained silent!

World food and water crises are spreading in the midst of a time of plenty! Manmade, politically engineered famine! Genocide on a grand scale!

Most Americans have no more than a weeks supply of food in the house and usually more than half of that dependent on refrigeration.

Most Americans not only don't garden but are at least two generations from ancestors that knew how to garden!

One can only look back and wonder at how, during the Great Depression, people looked after and helped one another. I'd say simply because they had a biblical world view. And today, thanks to our present education system and pastors who refuse to speak up and preach, we have two generations that have grown to adulthood without that biblical world view.

And so...then one must wonder how people will be treated during the upcoming greater depression?

We have a sheik/president who has not only decided to violate his oath of office by not defending the Defense of Marriage Act but turned and defended the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters, both black and white at polling places!

Our nation is in deep trouble! Our futures are literally owned by China and Saudi Arabia who owns most of our national debt!

Chuckle! And the republicans actually believe the very small cuts they've proposed will fix the problem! Blows my mind!

In 2008 we were told by the U.S. Department of Transportation that we had more than a trillion dollars worth of bridges that needed repair or replacement and stimulus money was actually spent on bridges for turtles!

We saw this administration hire census workers and lay them off and re-hire them so they could count the jobs twice!

While our president was meeting with the Pope, assuring him that he wanted less abortion, his administration was pushing abortion around the world!

Under Sheik Obama's watch the Untitd States has aborted it's fifty millionth child! We have literally butchered the two generations necessary to pay the social security benefits of the baby boomer generation!

And worse yet, there are still Christians who support this administration! One can only wonder about their interpertation of "Thou shalt do no murder!"

Oh wait! Problem solved! Gee whiz, why didn't I think of it earlier? The next generation can just kill off the baby boomers with euthinasia. Isn't that what death panels are for? Chuckle! It's almost laughable that liberals still claim there are no death panels in Obamacare!

And we have seen uncounted, uncurbed inflation eat up the buying power of the average working people, the poor and social security recipients!

Yes, indeed we got "change" onder the Obama administration!

I can't honestly say, "God help America!" Simply because we have butchered 50 million innocent children and the blood of those babies cries out from the ground to the Lord God! And the Lord will never bless a nation that turns it's back on Ys'rael and that is what we, as a nation, are doing!

It is, therefore, incumbent on every Christian to support Ys'rael, with our voice, our prayers and our money! Do it or be judged for it!