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49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
"And in those days there will be signs in the heavens!"

Who wrote the National Anthem?

"The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing!" I shall not be silenced! I shall demand truth! "Any thought left unchallenged is established as fact!" The thought that this is a "Muslim nation" is a lie! I shall challenge any insane individual that makes this claim! Nor were the founders of this nation and the framers of the Constitution deists!
My Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, was and is the living Son of the living Jehovah God! Allah is not "just another name for the Jehovah God Jews and Christians worship!" Allah is a god fabricated by the Prophet Mohammed and is celebrated in the Qu'ran as a "great deceiver!"

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Traitorous backstabbing ingrates and cut-throats!

Who, you ask! Why devout Muslims of course!

Thanks to the AP, the Wall Street Journal and FoxNews for this one!

U.S. Officials Find Afghan Network Undermining Government, Aiding Taliban

Published December 29, 2010
The Wall Street Journal


Oct. 9: Afghan President Hamid Karzai, second from right, is met by his half brother Ahmad Wali Karzai, left, in Argandab district of Kandahar province, south of Kabul, Afghanistan.

KABUL—U.S. officials in Afghanistan have spent thousands of hours over the past few years charting what they call "Malign Actor Networks"—webs of connections between members of President Hamid Karzai's family, businessmen, corrupt officials, drug traffickers and Taliban commanders.

Using intelligence drawn in part from informants and a powerful wiretapping system, these officials say they have found an economic and political order—underwritten by billions of dollars in aid, reconstruction and logistics funds from the West—that is undermining the Afghan government from within and aiding a Taliban insurgency that is trying to topple it from without.

The officials and their Afghan allies have had less success, however, breaking these bonds.

The futile attempts so far at prosecuting one individual—a banker named Haji Muhammad Rafi Azimi—illustrate the depth the problem.

Mr. Azimi has bribed senior officials, moved money for drug traffickers and kept the Taliban flush with cash, say several current and former Afghan and U.S. officials who described what they say are hours of wiretaps, information provided by informers and financial documents connected with the bank where Mr. Azimi works.

In an interview, Mr. Azimi denied any wrongdoing."

Every basic belief in Islam teaches hate, ingratitude, lying, stealing from the infadel(that's you and I, folks!) treason and treachery!

Islam will always bite the hand that feeds it!

And this coming from a culture whose holy men handed out identification cards that allowed the holder to rape young girls!

A culture that dresses young boys up as girls for the sexual gratification of it's men!

So! How do we make an impression on these people?

Tell ya what; pull our troops out and pick the most fertile valley in Afghanistan and start carpet bombing it from both ends. Bomb it until not even rocks remain! Just pulverized powder! Then dump radioactive and chemical waste in it so it won't be safe there for ten thousand years!

Make the message clear to the members of this blood/death/sexual perversion cult that if even a hint of threat ever comes out of this third world garbage heap again the entire country gets the same treatment!

Hmmm! Same goes for Somalia!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This man is dangerously unbalanced!

The man pictured in the photos above is obviously dangerously insane and belongs in an institution so his dillusions of granduer can be treated!

White House Plans to Push Global Warming Policy, GOP Vows FightBy Kimberly Schwandt

Published December 28, 2010


Dec. 15: the Fayette Power Project is shown above in Ellinger, Texas. On Jan. 2, new carbon emissions limits will be put forward as the Environmental Protection Agency prepares regulations that would force companies to get permits to release greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

HONOLULU, Hawaii -- After failing to get climate-change legislation through Congress, the Obama administration plans on pushing through its environmental policies through other means, and Republicans are ready to put up a fight.

On Jan. 2, new carbon emissions limits will be put forward as the Environmental Protection Agency prepares regulations that would force companies to get permits to release greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Critics say the new rules are a backdoor effort to enact the president's agenda on global warming without the support of Congress, and would hurt the economy and put jobs in jeopardy by forcing companies to pay for expensive new equipment.

"They are job killers. Regulations, period -- any kind of regulation is a weight on economy. It requires people to comply with the law, which takes work hours and time, which reduces the profitability of firms. Therefore, they grow more slowly and you create less jobs," said environmental scientist Ken Green of the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

Dan Howells of Greenpeace disagrees.

"I was looking at some advertisements from the 1970s where they were making the very same arguments about stopping acid rain. And that didn't turn out to be a job-killer. In fact, it created jobs in some places," said Howells, the environmental group's deputy campaign director. "The more we keep making these decades-old arguments, the more we won't be creating the jobs of the future and working towards the new energy economy."

The administration says it has the power to issue the regulation under a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that directed the agency to make a determination on whether carbon dioxide, blamed for global warming, was a hazard to human health.

Rep Fred Upton, R-Mich., the incoming House Energy Committee Chairman, penned an op-ed in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal along with Americans for Prosperity president Ted Phillips, and charged that Congress should act.

"The best solution is for Congress to overturn the EPA's proposed greenhouse gas regulations outright. If Democrats refuse to join Republicans in doing so, then they should at least join a sensible bipartisan compromise to mandate that the EPA delay its regulations until the courts complete their examination of the agency's endangerment finding and proposed rules," the op-ed read in part.

With Republicans taking control in the House, the GOP will be in a better position to take on some of these policies, and members are promising a fight if the Obama White House moves forward with any carbon crackdown. There was bipartisan support for a bill proposed this year that would have stripped the EPA of the power to set carbon emissions limits. GOP lawmakers could bring the measure back.

The White House seems prepared for a fight.

The administration recently circulated a memo from the Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy John Holdren to the heads of all federal departments and agencies calling for "a clear prohibition on political interference in scientific processes and expanded assurances of transparency."

He couldn't get cap & trade passed so he will try to do it through regulation!

He couldn't get net neutrality passed so he's going to do it through FCC regulation that the director of the FCC admits is illegal!

This two bit dictator needs to be locked up somewhere quiet so he can't hurt himself and other people!

Thanks FoxNews and AP for yet another outrage upon the American people!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I stinkin' told ya so!

I predicted it, wrote about it and have even been documenting it and for that I was called a fear monger and a liar!

So here it is! Here are the facts! The hard numbers!

"Hunger and Poverty Statistics Learn about hunger statistics in America.

Poverty Statistics i

•In 2009, 43.6 million people (14.3 percent) were in poverty.
• In 2009, 8.8 (11.1% percent) million families were in poverty.
•In 2009, 24.7 million (12.9 percent) of people aged 18-64 were in poverty.
•In 2009, 15.5 million (20.7 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty.
•In 2009, 3.4 million (8.9 percent) seniors 65 and older were in poverty.
Hunger Statistics on Food Insecurity and Very Low Food Security ii

•In 2009, 50.2 million Americans lived in food insecure households, 33 million adults and 17.2 million children
•In 2009, 14.7 percent of households (17.4 million households) were food insecure.
•In 2009, 5.7 percent of households (6.8 million households) experienced very low food security.
•In 2009, households with children reported food insecurity at almost double the rate for those without children, 21.3 percent compared to 11.4 percent.
•In 2009, households that had higher rates of food insecurity than the national average included households with children (21.3 percent), especially households with children headed by single women (36.6 percent) or single men (27.8 percent), Black non-Hispanic households (24.9 percent) and Hispanic households (26.9 percent).
•In 2009, 7.8 percent of seniors living alone (884,000 households) were food insecure.
Hunger Statistics on the use of Emergency Food Assistance and Federal Food Assistance Programs

•In 2009, 4.8 percent of all U.S. households (5.6 million households) accessed emergency food from a food pantry one or more times. ii
•In 2009, food insecure (low food security or very low food security) households were 15 times more likely than food-secure households to have obtained food from a food pantry. ii
•In 2009, food insecure (low food security or very low food security) households were 19 times more likely than food-secure households to have eaten a meal at an emergency kitchen.ii
•In 2009, 57 percent of food-insecure households participated in at least one of the three major Federal food assistance programs –Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamp Program), The National School Lunch Program, and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.ii Feeding America provides emergency food assistance to an estimated 37 million low-income people annually, a 46 percent increase from 25 million since Hunger In America 2006 iii
•Feeding America provides emergency food assistance to approximately 5.7 million different people per week.iii
•Among members of Feeding America, 74 percent of pantries, 65 percent of kitchens, and 54 percent of shelters reported that there had been an increase since 2006 in the number of clients who come to their emergency food program sites. iii

Five states exhibited statistically significant higher household food insecurity rates than the U.S. national average 2007-2009:1
1.Arkansas 17.7%
2.Mississippi 17.1%
3.Georgia 15.6%
4.Texas 17.4%
5.North Carolina 14.8%

i U.S. Census Bureau.Carmen DeNavas-Walt, B. Proctor, C. Lee. Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007.

ii USDA.Mark Nord, M. Andrews, S. Carlson. Household Food Security in the United States, 2009.

iii Rhoda Cohen, J. Mabli, F. Potter, Z. Zhao.Hunger in America 2010.Feeding America."

Thanks very much to FeedingAmerica.org

I expect this to get worse with the FDA drafting new, more invasive and onerous rules in the name of food safety.

The prices of food are rising and we're growing less of it here in this country!

Food packaging is deliberately deceptive and getting worse every day!

Nursing homes are cutting back on food and many food banks are in serious trouble!

Worse yet, Americans are being blamed by the rest of the world for the lack of food!

Americans, for the most part, have lost the idea of gardening and growing their own food and small dairy and meat processing operations are being forced out of business by health regulators going far and beyond what is needed to keep the food chain clean and healthy.

All I can say to fellow Christians is to prepare and help feed those who are hungry!

Mr. Obama's questions!

How can I hurt the small businessman, taxpayer, consumer, small farmer, meat market and dairy and still grow my own importance?

How can I be as destructive as possible to a military already stretched far too thin?

How can I kill more black and Hispanic babies and continue the genocide started by my hero, Margaret Sanger?

How can I continue to to add to the national debt and take the long range debt into the hands of our great grand children?

How can I promote Islam while squeezing Christianity out as much as possible?

How can I divide this nation between class and race?

Hmmmm! Questions answered! Simple! Just keep on doing what you're doin'!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The definition of insanity!

Two of the main tools necessary to be a terrorist; the Qu'ran and an AK-47! And yet the Obama administration has a Muslim with publicized, known ties to jihadists on the Homeland Security Advisory Board!

Could he not have appointed someone like Walid Fares? No! He had to appoint, through his incompetant minyon Janet Napolitano, someone with ties to terrorists! I'm so sick of the PC nature of today's secular progressives I could puke in my Post Toasties!

We have a silent and sanctioned invasion of this nation today and neither party wants to be the one to stop it!

40! Forty Israelis died in a fire this week in an effort to save Palestinian terrorists incarsarated in Israel! Did you hear this on CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC? Or even Fox News? No! You first heard it in the Jerusalem Post and I first heard it at www.barenakedislam.com

The definition of insanity is when you do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome!

We have splendid young men and women serving in Afghanistan and Iraq complying with rules of engagement that constantly hamstring them and put them in peril! And it's been going on like that since the Korean!

Sometime after WWII this country lost the will to fight and actually win a war!

This war! This war with Islam, and that's what it really is, a war with an ideological blood/death/sexual perversion cult for men, is one we will either win or succumb to!

I grow weary of listening to those who have never studied Islam speak of the "good and peaceful Muslims!" The only difference between them and the jihadist is personal revival! They give their tithes and offerings to their mosques who then forward much of that to the swine who are killing Americans abroad!

No! I shall not be silenced even though I've been banned from my local newspaper, the Victoria Advocate, in Victoria, Texas. The highly educated, progressive elite running the paper now wouldn't make a pimple on a real journalist's rear end!

I shall not submit to Allah! I shall not submit to a god dreamed up by a self proclaimed pedophile and mass murderer!

I really feel for the dim-whitted twits who still, doggedly claim that Allah is the same as the Jehovah God worshipped by Christians and Jews!

There is coming a time when you will either prepare for the war these swine are bringing to the heartland of this nation or you will simply die!