49th Armored Division

49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
"And in those days there will be signs in the heavens!"

Who wrote the National Anthem?

"The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing!" I shall not be silenced! I shall demand truth! "Any thought left unchallenged is established as fact!" The thought that this is a "Muslim nation" is a lie! I shall challenge any insane individual that makes this claim! Nor were the founders of this nation and the framers of the Constitution deists!
My Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, was and is the living Son of the living Jehovah God! Allah is not "just another name for the Jehovah God Jews and Christians worship!" Allah is a god fabricated by the Prophet Mohammed and is celebrated in the Qu'ran as a "great deceiver!"

Friday, July 2, 2010

And still they protest!

Look carefully at the idiot holding up the sign! Now consider whether he'd hold up that sign if the smuggler's allyway in the other photo was out HIS BACK DOOR! Consider whether he'd hold up that sign if HIS YOUNG CHILDREN WERE AT RISK FROM LIVING NEAR THIS ALLYWAY!
Are you aware that the smuggler's allyway stretching from the state of Arizona into Hermosillo, Mexico is now deemed the most dangerous place on earth?
Are you also aware that the Obama Administration, according to the Department of Homeland Security, has cut employer sanctions enforcement by 74%?
Neither the democrat or republican heirarchy want real immigration reform!
They both want "comprehensive immigration reform" which is political-speak for yet another round of amnesty!
And where does that leave the Hispanic Americans whoes neighborhoods are filled with foreign workers driving down their wages and foreign gang members? Answer that yourself!

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