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49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Friday, August 13, 2010

No! Not on CBS! Not on NBC! Not in the Victoria Advocate either!

What you see here are illegal immigrants desecrating both the Arizona state flag and the American flag! Notice please the toilet paper and the toilet seat!

The very idea that this is an example of how the average Hispanic American feels is an insult! There have been more Hispanic Medal of Honor winners than any other race and this garbage is a slap in each of their faces!

You will not see this on the CBS evening news! Nor will you see it on any of the other "mainstream media!" Now will you see in in the Victoria Advocate!

Chris Cobler, the plagerist-in-chief at the Advocate, banned me from the blog forum for doing a very well balanced piece on the local anti-Arizona march in Victoria.

Nor did he have the intelligence or journalistic ethics to give a reason for the ban.

I have the email he sent.

Long before he came to Victoria I did a number of letters to the editor concerning immigration reform. None violated Advocate "user policy" at the time. All were published, as written.

In fact, I was writing about immigration reform in Victoria before many of the forum moderators were born! And therein lies the rub! It was assumed that since I had an Anglo last name and I was writing about this issue. I must be prejudiced!

In other words I was racially profiled by people who don't know that one of my two mother's name is Cano! And I speak and sing better Spanish than some of those moderators!

Ah, the power of ignorance in the hands of the educated elite is an awesome thing!

Local print journalism seems to have fallen into the hands of the crowd from Sesame Street!

Aviso, Advocate! Lo que tu mas odias, en tu casa lo has tienes de vere! Es cierto!

Pobre! Pobre! Pobre!

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