49th Armored Division

49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
"And in those days there will be signs in the heavens!"

Who wrote the National Anthem?

"The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing!" I shall not be silenced! I shall demand truth! "Any thought left unchallenged is established as fact!" The thought that this is a "Muslim nation" is a lie! I shall challenge any insane individual that makes this claim! Nor were the founders of this nation and the framers of the Constitution deists!
My Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, was and is the living Son of the living Jehovah God! Allah is not "just another name for the Jehovah God Jews and Christians worship!" Allah is a god fabricated by the Prophet Mohammed and is celebrated in the Qu'ran as a "great deceiver!"

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blackhawk Down


I watched "Blackhawk Down" for about the fourth time tonight. Another tragedy for an American president who spent his own time as a draft dodger! More of a tragedy for the troops who suffered under his lack of leadership!

Another example of stinking ingratitude by another worthless Muslim nation dedicated to killing it's own!

Kind of like the flooding in Pakistan and the terrorists there warning aid workers to stay away even if it means more deaths, suffering, disease and starvation!

In other words Submission(Islam) would rather it's own innocent doe than be exposed to Christian aid workers actually saving lives!

Funny! I don't see a huge rise of Submission all over the Arab world trying to help in this disaster!

I liked the scene in the movie when the criminal Muslim butchers were mowed down by the GE mini-guns on the choppers!

Do I cheer death? No! I do, however, cheer justice against those butchering and starving their own people!

Submission! Submit or die! So says the Qu'ran!

I shall not submit!

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