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No! The end IS in sight!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Traitorous backstabbing ingrates and cut-throats!

Who, you ask! Why devout Muslims of course!

Thanks to the AP, the Wall Street Journal and FoxNews for this one!

U.S. Officials Find Afghan Network Undermining Government, Aiding Taliban

Published December 29, 2010
The Wall Street Journal


Oct. 9: Afghan President Hamid Karzai, second from right, is met by his half brother Ahmad Wali Karzai, left, in Argandab district of Kandahar province, south of Kabul, Afghanistan.

KABUL—U.S. officials in Afghanistan have spent thousands of hours over the past few years charting what they call "Malign Actor Networks"—webs of connections between members of President Hamid Karzai's family, businessmen, corrupt officials, drug traffickers and Taliban commanders.

Using intelligence drawn in part from informants and a powerful wiretapping system, these officials say they have found an economic and political order—underwritten by billions of dollars in aid, reconstruction and logistics funds from the West—that is undermining the Afghan government from within and aiding a Taliban insurgency that is trying to topple it from without.

The officials and their Afghan allies have had less success, however, breaking these bonds.

The futile attempts so far at prosecuting one individual—a banker named Haji Muhammad Rafi Azimi—illustrate the depth the problem.

Mr. Azimi has bribed senior officials, moved money for drug traffickers and kept the Taliban flush with cash, say several current and former Afghan and U.S. officials who described what they say are hours of wiretaps, information provided by informers and financial documents connected with the bank where Mr. Azimi works.

In an interview, Mr. Azimi denied any wrongdoing."

Every basic belief in Islam teaches hate, ingratitude, lying, stealing from the infadel(that's you and I, folks!) treason and treachery!

Islam will always bite the hand that feeds it!

And this coming from a culture whose holy men handed out identification cards that allowed the holder to rape young girls!

A culture that dresses young boys up as girls for the sexual gratification of it's men!

So! How do we make an impression on these people?

Tell ya what; pull our troops out and pick the most fertile valley in Afghanistan and start carpet bombing it from both ends. Bomb it until not even rocks remain! Just pulverized powder! Then dump radioactive and chemical waste in it so it won't be safe there for ten thousand years!

Make the message clear to the members of this blood/death/sexual perversion cult that if even a hint of threat ever comes out of this third world garbage heap again the entire country gets the same treatment!

Hmmm! Same goes for Somalia!

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