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No! The end IS in sight!
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Boston Tea Party

How does one turn something good into something bad? Something inherently bad into something perceived as something good?

This is most often accomplished by those trying to deceive by perverting or re-defining any given issue.

The Boston Tea Party was a good thing for the United States because the act in itself told the British soverign that the people of the colonies would not be taxed without representation. It gave hope to those same people that there were indeed people from amongst themselves that would stand up against foreign intrusion into their affairs.

In the 80s, after a succession of record breaking tax increases I gathered up a small petition of people opposed to those taxes and attached it to tea bags and sent it to our state senator. While he promptly ignored it, we at least spoke up.

Today a good thing has been turned by the left in this country to mean something as ugly as terrorism. "Tea Party" has been re-defined as something terrible and nasty.

For a broad group of people to stand up to government and demand that it live within it's means and survive on a balanced budget has been re-defined as something bad. Something a "terrorist" would do.

Now, so I am not mistaken here, to stand up to government and demand it live within it's means is to be a terrorist!

So a broad group of people from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds have just gone from good to bad. They have been re-defined!

Adolph Hitler and his propaganda minister redefine Jews as being less than human. Islamofascists do the same thing today. The U.S. government considered native Americans less than human and committed genocide without a second thought.

When you re-define human life as something less than human it is much easier to excuse the taking of that life.

Is it not easier to kill the baby in a womb if it's re-defined as a "blob of tissue?"

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