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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

So what do we do?

Socialists thrive on taking from those who produce and are prosperous and giving to those THEY feel deserve what those who produce and are prosperous have earned for themselves!

Socialism is a political system that thrives on greed and covetousness. "Taking from the haves and giving to the have nots!" And doing this under threat of law with a system of oppressive, regressive and confiscatory government regulation, fees and taxation.

This country has built it's house on the sands of socialism. Penalizing those who work in favor of those who'd rather not!

As a result, criminal/political hacks like Al Sharpton hold a specter of prejudice over all who disagree. They hold the scepter of government power over all who dare bring common sense and truth to any discussion of the facts.

This is the quagmire into which the discussion of immigration reform has fallen and thanks to reprobates like Sharpton and the intellectually superior(in their own opinion) and the politically correct, like Victoria Advocate editor Chris Cobler, roll around and baste themselves in every day!

The idea that people from another country could, or WOULD even dare come to this country and protest on streets paid for by our taxes is an obvious insult to those of us who pay those taxes! The idea that they would come here and block traffic on our streets or walk around on and desecrate our state and national flags with impunity is defenseless and absurd!

Make no mistake, comprehensive immigration reform has more to do with yet another round of amnesty than actual immigration reform. I still hear the echoes, printed on the editorial pages of the Advocate, of the anti-immigration reform activists of the 80s touting amnesty as a solution to the problem.

The difference between then and now is that the politically correct in media today are able to silence more of those out there demanding the truth be told. This is why I was banned from the blog pages of the Victoria Advocate.

Because I wrote a very even-handed blog discussing the immigration issue I was profiled as a prejudiced Anglo and my blog pulled. That blog can be seen on this blogsite by scrolling down to the first entry.

Anyone, including the obnoxious and arrogant Mr. Cobler, who says I attacked anyone is a liar and a coward!

This country today is in a serious dilemma. In a broad, but I feel justified generalization, we have raised two generations of young people who not only don't want to work but have never been taught how!

Two generations of young people who feel working, doing actual labor to build something with their hands and by the sweat of their brow is a bad thing. As someone who was in a position to see that contractors at a local plant were properly manned-up to do the work they were hired to do, I found that immigrant workers were, in many cases, more qualified and had a higher work ethic than young American workers. This is very telling when looking at many Americans looking for work today!

Sadly, we have also killed off two generations of children, over 50 million now, in the butcher shops of American abortuaries.

So increasingly, whose going to fit the pipe, paint the vessels, pull the wire and tie the rebar necessary to build America? Worse yet, as those entering liberal arts colleges increase, those entering engineering schools decrease!

Is any of this an excuse for throwing open the doors and allowing just anyone in this country? No, but then again just who is going to pay into a bankrupt Social Security system to fund those baby boomers who are reaching retirement age at the rate of literally thousands every day?

So what do we do? At the Advocate, we profile anyone who speaks out on this subject as prejudiced no matter how baseless and false the claim. We use our power to silence all opposition. We use the ignorance of child wannabe/journalists to silence any who demand an even-handed discussion of the issue!

What would Sergaent Juan Abamillo say? Juan Abamillo? Sergaent Juan Abamillo was one of eighteen volunteers of Hispanic descent who died DEFENDING the walls of the Alamo! A hero of Texas!

Now how is it that I know the name of this sergeant and not one of the journalism wannabes who pulled my blog at the Advocate does now or did when they pulled it?

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