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No! The end IS in sight!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Abortion is both murder and racism!

According to the National Abortion Rights League website;

"Last month, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted 16-10 to approve an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. The amendment, introduced by Senator Roland Burris, will repeal the current ban which prevents servicewomen from obtaining an abortion on a military base, even if they use their own money. Although the Burris amendment will allow women to use private funds to pay for abortion care in military hospitals, it does not change the policy prohibiting federal funding for abortions.This ban is not only unjust, but puts women’s lives at risk. By restricting access to abortions, the government deters women from exercising their right to choose. Vania Leveille, who is a member of the ACLU Legislative Counsel, notes that:'There are hundreds of thousands of women serving in our military who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms yet they are prevented from exercising their own reproductive freedom. Servicewomen stationed overseas are disproportionately affected by this ban. Allowing American servicewomen to use their own private funds to obtain abortion care at U.S. military facilities is fundamental and should never have been questioned in the first place.'"

Abortion mills in our military hospitals! And NARAL seems to think this has to do with women's health! And the health of that human being that is "disarticulated" and thrown in the dumpster? What about that child's health?

Planned Parenthood, founded by a racist bigot and dedicated to removing the "human weeds"(all blacks and Hispanics), is racism at it's best and our president, his replacement in the senate, Roland Burris and the majority of the black and Hispanic caucuses in congress support that racism!

Planned Parenthood continues to target black and Hispanic minority neighborhoods with some of the largest abortuaries in the nation in an attempt to butcher as many minority "human weeds" as possible!

Those who continue to vote for these lawmakers support that racism!

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