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49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The repo men are coming!

Conversation overheard on an aircraft carrier recently;

"Bridge, this is radar! We have two vessels at 20,000 yards ahead. One slightly to port and one slightly to starbard! Dead in the water!

Com, open up a channel and discern their intentions!

Bridge, this is com, been monitoring for a while and there seems to be an argument between the two! One language is Arabic and the other is Mandarin. I have interpreters working on it.

CAG, this is the bridge, scramble two F-22s and buzz the boggys.

Flight deck this is CAG, ready and launch two F-22s.

CAG, this is flight deck, ready to launch!

Flight deck, launch!

Minutes later; CAG this is whiskey Runner, we have what looks like a Saudi flagged tanker and a Chinese junk facing each other!

COM, this is bridge, what are they talking about?

Uh...er...bridge, this is COM, uh...uh...

COM, speak up!

Bridge the Chinese and the Arabs are in a dispute as to which one will reposses this ship, sir!

CAG, launch two harpoon missles! Sink 'em quick!

Whiskey Runner, this is CAG, you have a launch order for two harpoons!

CAG, roger that, done! Uh...sir? Isn't that the third bunch of repo men this week?

Whiskey Runner, yup! And sooner or later they're gonna find out they own the harpoons too!"

Chuckle! The nomenclature may be a little off but sooner or later we're gonna face the people we've borrowed from!

We're paying over $500 billion per month in interest alone on the national debt!

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