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49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once again we come back to the lady from California!

Please look closely at the Mexican officer who is forced to cover his face so as not to be recognized and targeted for assasination. He covers his face to protect his family from everything that would be done to them if he was recognized!

The people who bought and tried to smuggle these weapons are the same people who have claimed two counties in Arizona for themselves!

The people who bought and tried to smuggle these weapons are hoping for "comprehensive immigration reform" which is just another round of amnesty. LULAC, MALDEF and the National Council for La Raza would deny it but it is these people they are enabling!

To imply that the above mentioned organizations actually represent the average Hispanic is insulting to many!

The gangs, drug dealers and criminals who infest the border of Arizona and much of Los Angeles rely on the above mentioned organizations to promote their agenda of open borders!

Hispanic/American citizens have a long and proud legacy of culture, a beautiful language and proud service to this country and to be painted by the "organized heirarchy" of the organizations mentioned above, is a travesty!

70% of Arizona voters supported the new immigration law in that state and that could never happen without many Hispanic supporters! Were all of those voters prejudiced? How about the lady from California sitting down with Hispanic property owners in the border areas of Arizona and discussing the Russian RPGs seen in the photos here! Or the hundreds of machine guns, .50 cal sniper rifles and M-26 grenades!

And now the Obama administration has the incredible gall to try and sue the State of Arizona? This is just more proof that we have a dangerously unstable national socialist child in charge of this country!

And...if you have looked at my name and automatically figured me for a white racist, congratulations, you have just racially profiled me!

I have close kin who are Hispanic. I have an adopted mother whom I love greatly! I know that I have close kin who have crossed that border into this country and one of my ancestors was a native American of the Mandan tribe! They were one of the many tribes in the Sioux family murdered by the "Butcher of the Black Hills" Gen. George Armstrong Custer!

So yeah! Go ahead and try to profile me!

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