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49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ah, yes! Filthy criminals! Kill them all!

New EPA Regulations Have Dairy Farmers Crying Over Spilled Milk
Posted: 6/10/2010
"New EPA regulations have some Northern Michigan dairy farmers crying over spilled milk.

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to classify milk as a hazardous waste; in the same category as oil.

That means, farmers would have to come up with an oil spill prevention plan which could cost them thousands of dollars.

The Senate Agricultural Committee passed a resolution today urging the EPA to take back those regulations.

Chivon Kloepfer and Photo Journalist Corey Petee have more details in this report."

From the same enviro-wackos that gave us deep water drilling and the global warming myth we now see that milk is hazardous waste!

Another strike at the food chain by very educated, elitist wackos steeped in the doctrine of Malthusian eugenics!

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