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No! The end IS in sight!
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Friday, June 4, 2010


Your son walks into the living room and asks for permission to put some foam matting up in the storage shed so he and his band can practice there. You tell him it will cost him $300 for a permit which will go into your pocket!

Uh, what?

Excuse me!


The governor of Louisana asked for permission from the federal government to build 12 barriers so the oil from the BP spill wouldn't get into the inland marshes where the spawning grounds for thier seafood industry are. The federal government said they could only build less than half of that and that they would pay for only one!

Uh, what?

Excuse me!


Build the barriers and if the federal government has a problem with that tell them to go away, get out of the way and stay away!

You see I have a problem with this whole permission thing! Both the state and federal government have this thing about selling permission to do stuff, not so much in order to regulate but to bring in revenue!

If I have wildlife eating my crops...uh, crops that feed myself and other PEOPLE, I need to give the state money for a permit to protect my crops and thus my income and my food! AND THEN, I am told I must leave that deer laying on the ground to rot and feed the buzzards!

Not only does this NOT make common sense but someone please explain to me where it's even constitutional!

Permission from the government!

The founding fathers of this country and, I'd go so far as to say of this state, would roll over in their graves if they knew to what degree our freedom to protect our own property has erroded!

And it's all about revenue! You must pay for permission to drive on the highways your own taxdollars build and maintain and then the state of Texas SELLS BOTH YOUR DRIVING RECORDS, PERSONAL INFORMATION, DEMOGRAPHICS AND ALL CRIMINAL RECORDS TO ANYONE WITH MONEY!

And in 2005 the state of Texas made over $58 million selling those records even though they admitted in a Wired Magazine article that up to 29% of those records are incorrect or out of date!

Permission from government!

Follow the money!

'Cause it's all about the money!

A man goes fishing. He pulls his boat to the coast to take his son fishing! He has to buy tags for his truck, the boat and the trailer. The gas for the truck and boat are taxed. He has to buy a license for he and his son to fish. He pays both a sales tax and a special tax on the motor oil for both the boat and his truck.

He pays sales tax on the purchase of the truch and the boat. He pays a sales tax on the soda pop and ice in the ice chest and a sales tax on the ice chest!

Everything this man does on this trip is taxed from the clothes he and his son wear to the sunscreen to the mosquito repellent and fish hooks!

The boating safety course he paid for and the hunting and fishing safety courses have to be paid for. The instructor who teaches those courses has to take and pay for a course to be able to charge to teach those courses!

The government is everywhere in this trip demanding a cut! A cut of what? A cut of the few fish this father and son are bringing home? Hmmm! Perhaps someone could break down the actual cost, per ounce of those fish!

Paying the government for permission!

Now are some of these taxes-these paid-for permissions necessary? Perhaps, but did we ever envision it would come to this?

I think not!

And HOW did it come to this? Hmmm! Could it be because WE ASKED FOR PERMISSION TO BEGIN WITH?

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