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No! The end IS in sight!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Immigration: An even handed look? You decide!

Take a close look please at the lady with the sign. Look at her carefully. She lives in another state and she's advocating a boycott of Arizona for that state's effort to protect it's border and it's citizens. Has this lady considered the fact that there are may Hispanic citizens of the state of Arizona that voted for and supported the Arizona law? Is she considering the fact that there are Hispanic citizens of Arizona who's property along the border has been trashed like the one in the photo? Is she considering the fact that the federal government is advising American citizens NOT to travel in two border counties in Arizona simply because there is too much Mexican drug cartel crime there? Is she considering the fact that Phoenix Arizona is the kidnap capitol of the U.S. because of illegal immigration? Is she considering the fact that many of those kidnapped are Hispanic? Are LULAC, MALDEF and La Raza considering these same facts?

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding "No!" This lady and these organizations have reduced this issue to it's lowest common denominator*; hate and division!

Look carefully at the Muslim immigrants protesting in the United Kingdom! These people live in England, work in England and have the benefits of English citizens. And this is how they repay their hosts!

Look carefully at the signs! British soldiers are accused of being Nazis! Nazis! Anyone recall the blitz? Anyone recall how the people of England suffered under a Nazi onslaught? And now to be accused of being Nazis by people who are guests in their country!

How many American soldiers were killed in the war against Hitler and the Nazis and the Arizona law has been characterized by a photo of Nazi troops asking for "papers!"

Let me please make this clear! The present immigration issue has nothing to do with race to the vast majority of Americans. It has to do with national soverignty and safety within our own borders!

The bible says that racism is a sin and I believe that! The sister of Moses was punished terribly for racism because she rose up against her brother because he married a Nubian(black) woman! She was struck with leprosy!

The idea of the hooded cowards, the skinhead cowards and the extreme right in this country who are indeed racists, that those of a different skin color are somehow second class citizens is sick!

That would mean that my adopted Hispanic mother who lives right here in Victoria is somehow a second class citizen and I don't buy that garbage!

The idea that all Hiapanic/Americans support the influx of illegal immigrants and the crime they bring into their neighborhoods, is just as much garbage!

We've had illegal immigrants serve in our military and die in service to this country and their mother's cannot even visit their graves without a visa! This is garbage too!

This country, and I've repeated this many times, has more Hispanic holders of the congressional medal of honor than any other race!

When we're talking about illegal immigration, let's talk about the immigrant and his legal status without regard to the color of his skin!

There! Have I properly irritated both sides of this issue?

Good! That was my intention!

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