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No! The end IS in sight!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Just who runs things in California?

Hi yall! Having just been booted from the Victoria Advocate in Victoria, Texas for simply telling the truth I find it wonderful being free to actually tell the whole story about just about anything without some highly educate fellow of low ethical character telling me I can't write the truth!
I made the mistake of writing a very well balanced and objective blog post about the immigration issue and after posting it four times I got a nasty note telling me my account had been terminated. Chuckle!
I enjoyed answering his email! He showed just how unethical he really was.

Irresponsible, yellow journalism at it's best!

My main point being that these students in front of Montebello High School were raising a foreign country's flag over our country's flag they raised upside down!
And these students weren't even from Montebello HS. They were from another nearby campus!
On the other hand, five students at another California school, two of which were Hispanic, were sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts.

Where were the teachers, administrators and campus security on the Montebello Campus and where were the heads of the teachers who sent the other students home?

Now I'm not really going to sit here and say to round up all of the illegal aliens and send them home because who'd do the work? Yeah, the work! We Americans have taught two generations of kids that to sweat learning a craft or trade building America is a bad thing!

I will say, however, that what we hear in the present debate is just another round of amnesty! Gee whiz, how many more do they want?

I will also say that more Hispanics hold the Congressional Medal of Honor than any other race and that I hate any kind of racial prejudice!

We had a local march sponsored by LULAC and I suggested in my Advocate blog post that the organizers spend a month in MS-13 gang territory in Los Angeles before advocating for another round of amnesty.

Such even handedness must be punished!

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