49th Armored Division

49th Armored Division
Just a cranky old 49er!

No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
"And in those days there will be signs in the heavens!"

Who wrote the National Anthem?

"The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing!" I shall not be silenced! I shall demand truth! "Any thought left unchallenged is established as fact!" The thought that this is a "Muslim nation" is a lie! I shall challenge any insane individual that makes this claim! Nor were the founders of this nation and the framers of the Constitution deists!
My Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, was and is the living Son of the living Jehovah God! Allah is not "just another name for the Jehovah God Jews and Christians worship!" Allah is a god fabricated by the Prophet Mohammed and is celebrated in the Qu'ran as a "great deceiver!"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Veritas! Latin for truth.

Veritas. "Very and verily" get their origins from this word.

"Proof of facts and documentation are meaningless and irrelevent in an age that does not cherish truth!" Kenneth Schustereit (Arrogant wasn't it?)

There's an old Hebrew proverb that says the most powerful thing on the earth is truth, it never changes!

A newspaper that refuses to allow the truth to be printed and legitimate commentary on that truth by people who actually put their names on what they write has become a rag!

Kind of like my local paper!

My maternal grandfather lay in a trench in 1919 for three days with a bullet hole in his leg so I could stand up and declare the truth!

It's a shame when a 200 year old newspaper becomes a rag!

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