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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Money: The root of all evil?

No! The LOVE of money is the root of all evil! I hate what the love of money and the things money can buy does to people!

In order to alleviate present crises governments down through history have just printed up money without thought of consequences. Resulting in hyper-inflation, usually ending in terrible poverty and eventual war!

In order to increase one's own immediate comfort and desire for the THINGS money can buy people have cheated, lied, murdered and maimed without thought of consequences, immediate or future.

Let me tell you a story;

Linda (not her real name) met Robert (not his real name) at a night club where I tended bar. A perfect match! Everyone saw it and so did Linda and Robert! Both about the same age. Both nice looking people. Both well-liked and popular. He worked at a local industrial plant and owned a house in a nice neighborhood. She held a clerical position and lived in a mobile home in a secluded rural neighboprhood. Both had nice lives and their meeting made things nicer.

It was obvious to all that she loved him (she told me several times) and he literally worshipped her(he was ready to scream it to the world!).

Problem! When a younger girl Linda has suffered from some very severe poverty. She was grimly determined never to go back there again. It seems that while Robert's financial position was nicely fixed it still wasn't enough for Linda.

In steps Bill(not his name). Bill is a multi-millionaire rancher from a nearby small town. He's no match for Linda. He's crude and pretentious! Obnoxious and loud and Linda would be just another posession. He bought her a diamond ring with a rock so big it weighed her arm down.

I had occasion to visit with Linda at length and she admitted she loved Robert but intended to marry Bill. And she did!

And so is the way of the world! A sick world! This literally broke Robert's heart! From that time, the early nineties to today, he has never been the same. Linda, a stunningly pretty woman for her age, aged terribly. BUT she was rich!

Not my definition of rich but she was rich!

And by the purest definition of the word, she was and is a prostitute. Immediate creature comforts and wealth were more important to her than the love she had for a very nice fellow and her perfect match!

Today! In America today we look for immedicate comfort. Immediate relief without sacrifice! This is the reason we have now begun to borrow from and steal from our grandchildren! This is why we have monetized our national debt by printing money.

Like linda, we have prostituted ourselves and put the next two generations of American children(those we haven't butchered in abortion mills) into debt that we ourselves cannot begin to pay!

There's a storm coming people!

A storm is coming because since the "Greatest Generation" we have raised almost three generations of children who have lost the grit and determination to work hard and sweat at a trade or craft building this nation!

We SHALL pay for this!

A storm is coming!

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