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No! The end IS in sight!
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Christianity vs. socialism

TRUE Christianity, taught by true ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ, is about, after acceptance and public acknowledgement of Jesus as one's only salvation and Way to the Father, service and giving.
Service and giving! I have an almost irresistable urge to serve and give to others. Especially to those I know are in need. It's almost a compulsion! I will often give the last penny I have to those in need. Any true Christian will feel the same. With Jesus in our heart in the person of the Holy Spirit, we instinctively want to give, to help, to serve, to supply and provide.

On the other hand, socialism is more about coveteousness and taking. A man works hard all his life to provide for his children and grandchildren-to leave a legacy of provision. He plans ahead and wants to be a good provider for his family and along comes socialistic government, looking at all he has ammassed and takes a share of that and gives it to others THEY feel need what he has worked for!

Government, by force of arms TAKES what one man works for to give to another man! I went out to the garden yesterday and picked vegetables. I moved the water hose. I walked over to the orchard and turned on a valve to water the pecan trees. I moved a soaker hose to water the grapes and figs. From the sweat of MY brow and MY labor I shall eat fresh squash for lunch.

If I decide to sell some of my produce and crops I will take the money I make and drive to town. I'll buy some gas for the truck. I'll buy some cheese to go into the squash. I'll buy some seed and other groceries. That is what capitalism is all about. Buying and selling. Making a profit. Spending that profit by investing in more seed for the fall crop.

Socialism seeks to take a larger and larger portion of my profits to give to other people. Many of whom do not sweat or work for themselves. And THEY work only to put more socialist-thinking people in office to provide themselves what I work and sweat for!

As primary caregiver for my mother I am unable to leave the house for more than a few hours at a time so I visit construction sites and ask for salvage materials. The more metals and useable wood and building materials I haul off and recycle and reuse the more money the contractor saves because he pays by the ton to have it hauled away. I picked up a stainless steel hand rail to help keep my mother from falling tonight at 9:50 PM out of a construction dumpster. I seperate and sell the metals I don't keep for my own projects and save the other building materials for those projects. I pick up large amounts of cardboard to add to my brush pile where I burn building materials and use a magnet to glean metals from the ashes and recycle them.
By the sweat of my brow I have made work, created income from work others will not do. It helps the environment, keeps materials out of the landfill which helps the community, provides me nearly free building materials, does away with a large amount of waste and creates commerce. It's very hard, grueling work!

And I do all of this while caring for my aging mother and raising crops to feed both myself, my mother and people I sell and give my produce to. Capitalism at it's finest.

And yet, my property taxes went up again this year while the actual selling price of land and real estates has either remained static or dropped. Socialist government wants it's cut of the work I have done.

There is a strong Christian value that those who do not work do not eat! That's the way it should be. Socialism has a SIMILIAR value but it doesn't care much for those who do not produce! My mother is 74 years old and about the only thing she can produce is prayer for her children and grandchildren! Prayer is a valuable commodity to the Christian faith but is useless to the socialist.

A friend and hanger-on around our president, Ezekiel Emmanuel, has said that "useless eaters" are worthless. To Emmanuel, my mother is a useless eater and therefore worthless. Our president Barak Obama has told the American people to judge him by the people around him! And he has surrounded himself with radical socialsits, communists, fascists and sexual perverts.

My conclusion is that what I love the most; sweating and hard work providing for myself and others around me-others in whom I see a need, is deemed a bad thing by the average socialist and it must be stamped out! Stamped out how? By taxing me out of business and allowing my mother to go uncared for until she's gone!

True Christianity is about service and giving, true socialism is about one coveting what another has worked for and taking it by force of government and giving it to whomever HE deems deserving! True socialists believe in the central government planning and distribution of resources it takes through confiscatory taxation to both themselves to people THEY wish to give it to!

China suffered from this very thing between 1958 and 1961. The People's Liberation Army went into the rural areas of China and confiscated foodstuffs grown by the people and hauled it away to the cities and fed themselves and people THEY deemed worthy to survive. Literally millions died due to socialist central planning! And during this time the Chinese propaganda machine was hard at work as we see in the photo! Socialism is a work of deception!

In 1932 and 1933 the Soviet Army rolled in to the bread basket of the Soviet Union, the Ukrane, and confiscated every scrap of food they could find! This act by the Soviet government is still remembered as Holodomor! And thanks to socialist central planning, literally millions of people in a land of plenty starved to death! People who worked and sweat to produce, to provide were rewarded for their labor with Holodomor!

Lastly as we examine the differences between true Christian principals and socialism let us look at the direction THIS nation is headed! In 2007, for the first time in modern history, this country became a net food importer. The USDA is promoting agricultural practices that push American farmers to grow less food. Much of Texas' winter garden has moved over the border to Mexico. Our production and processing of foodstuffs and meat products has moved away from the consumer. Our foodstuffs are dependent on a fragile transportation system and Americans have moved away from gardening and growing their own food. In the name of safer food the USDA is promoting a program called "Farm to fork." Google it! This p[rogram alone will drive up the cost of food!

Christian, biblical principals are all about service and giving and socialism is all about taking and distributing! Are YOU a useless eater? And who is worthy to decide when another becomes a useless eater? Think about it!

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