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49th Armored Division
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No! The end IS in sight!
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Institutional corruption as a policy!

1974, summer, it was hot! I was in the Victoria County Jail. Spent two weeks in Tank 2 before the Sheriff made me a trustee. Sheriff Dalton "Dutch" Meyer was a friend of my grandfathers and Pop was sick. Sheriff Meyer laet me out to visit him before he passed. Let me out for his funeral too.
Anyway, while I was in the tank we were visited by a well-known local businessman preaching the Word to us inmates. I could quote John 3:16 and he was impressed so I asked him for a job when I got out. He promised me one and made good on it! Then I was impressed.
Uh...er...until I saw how his business operated. It was corrupt! Selling un-needed car repairs. In a meeting we were told to cut off every valve stem on every wheel we put a tire on and we'd get .25 cents out of the $1.75 charged for the valve stem.
This was corporate, institutionalized fraud, theft and corruption as a matter of policy! Hmmm! Maybe these folks needed to spend some time in Tank 2!

Today it's much worse! Went to Wal-Mart tonight and they have a bulk items "Rollback" isle! And there it was, Kraft Miracle Whip at $1.97! Boy, that's cheap! HOWEVER, look closely! It's not in a quart jar anymore! It's a 30 ounce jar!
I spoke about rising food prices two years ago on the local rag and got labeled a fear monger for it! Well Archie, I told you so!

And it's everywhere you look at almost all commercial businesses. Went to Sears to buy lawnmower blades. Always makes me grit my teeth paying $38.00 for two blades made of such soft metal they don't get past the second sharpening! The nice young man said, "You can get $15 off if you apply for a credit card," so I figured I'd just get my discount and pay the other $18 and cut up the card and poof!
Ooooooh no! What the nice young man didn't tell me was there was a $59 yearly fee! So to get a $15 discount I was on the hook for $59! He even folded the reciept for me to sign in such a way that I couldn't see the yearly fee!
Corporate corruption as a matter of policy!

Greed, covetousness and outright fraud is everywhere! Chuckle! My local paper hired an admitted plagerist!

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