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No! The end IS in sight!

No! The end IS in sight!
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A definition to consider!

Capital flight is defined as;
"The movement of money from one investment to another in search of greater stability or increased returns. Sometimes specifically refers to the movement of money from investments in one country to another in order to avoid country-specific risk (such as high inflation or political turmoil) or in search of higher returns. Capital flight is seen most commonly in massive foreign capital outflows from a specific country, often at times of currency instability. Often, the outflows are large enough to affect a country's entire financial system."

Let's look at that again; "Often, the outflows are large enough to affect a country's entire financial system."

The country of Mexico, in the 80s, was benefiting from over $10 million per year in wages sent home by illegal workers in the U.S. and since that time the number has risen into the billions.

That is money NOT creating commerce here. NOT putting Americans to work. NOT being spent here. It is a drain on this country's economy but can anyone actually say it's a boost to Mexico's economy?

I mean all you have to do is go to Google or Bing Images and type in Poverty in Mexico and tens of thousands of photos are there! Right there for all to see!

What all do NOT see is where all that money is going!

Capital flight always has been and is now a clear and present danger to the stability of this country's economy! It's a clear and present danger to our way of life!

And neither political party has done anything to stop that flight!

Why? Democrats and organizations like LULAC, MALDEF, La Raza want more peasants for their patron democracy! People who will vote however the patron tells them. This is an insult to those Hispanics who are just as intelligent as anyone else but it grows every day!

Republicans want more illegals here because the wish to drive wages down and I am sad to say they want better, more motivated hard working people! A scarse commodity
amongst almost three generations of American workers! George W. Bush put troops on the border but all they did was build vehicle barriers and make a show. He didn't want to stem the tide! It would have hurt his fatcat buddies in industry!

Caught in the middle are those people, Hispanic and Anglo, who live on the border who are victimized on a regular basis by this influx.

Is there a solution? Of course, there is! The most scary solution anyone has ever considered doing! I wrote about this over twenty years ago and the situation has only grown worse! The solution is to-are you ready for this-put people to work! Put Americans to work! Cut welfare and food stamps for every single able-bodied man and woman! Cut the programs that pay women to have children! Repeal the Davis/Bacon Act and put stringent new regulations on unions.

Ah, yes! Such harsh measures! Actually make people work for a living for a change! People becoming skilled workers again! Learning how to fit pipe! Training a new generation of industrial workers skilled in their crafts and trades! Start building America again!

Revolutionary I know! And for these radical notions I was kicked off the local rag!

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