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No! The end IS in sight!
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Survival tip #1

In these times that are getting harder and harder think about a time when you won't be able to buy prescription medicines. It's coming! Get used to the idea!

Foot neuropathy and foot pain.

Take a pint salve jar and add three tubes of generic, non-greasy muscle rub. Add three tubes of Ora-jel or generic benzocaine. Crush six Ibuprophen and four Darvocet or Perkocet and three naproxen sodium into a fine powder. Add the contents of six capsules of indomethicin, two crushed niacin tablets. Add six crushed Levitra or Viagra or Cialis. Empty the contents of six L-Arginine caps. Add two ounces of DMSO from the feed store and add the contents of six neurontin caps if you can find it.
All of the tablets and caps must be crushed into a fine powder. Lastly, add two tubes of hydrocortizone cream.

Mix it well. Let it sit and mix it again. This mixture should be slowly rubbed into freshly washed feet then covered with socks before bed!

Works well on both neuropathy and foot pain.

Next time you go to the doctor ask him for a tube of lidocaine gel and a script for some 2.5% hydrocortizone cream. This will be a good addition to this foot salve.

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